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Safe Money Ebooks


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    Adding a Social Security and Medicare Safety Net Into Your Retirement Plan

    Today, financial planning for retirement and keeping your money safe is quite different than in the past. One reason is that many companies have done away with pensions, leaving the responsibility to the...

    Safe, Smart College Funding

    If you have children or grandchildren planning to attend either a private or public university, implementing college funding strategies is essential.

    Envisioning Your Retirement: Preparing Now for Your Ideal Future

    When you're envisioning your retirement, what exactly do you see? Are you relaxing on a warm sunny beach, playing 18 holes of golf every day, or traveling to different destinations around the globe?

    Wealth Planning and Leaving a Legacy

    You've worked hard all your life, and you deserve all the benefits that come with it - that includes ensuring all reasonable efforts have been made to secure the best retirement plan possible.

    Life Insurance: A Flexible Tool When Financial Planning For Retirement

    Life insurance can be an integral component of almost all financial plans. Although most people don't like to think about the unexpected, the truth is that illness and accidents can and do occur...

    Keeping Your Money – And Your Retirement – Safe

    Does the concept of guaranteed lifetime income in retirement sound attractive? While some individuals and companies don't recommend annuities, the reality is that annuities are one of the best safe money investments available...

    Managing Your Taxes With Safe Investments

    Taxes follow us throughout our entire lives - and then some! Most people pay tax on goods and services they buy, income tax on wages, and capital gains tax on investment earnings, even...

    Managing Financial Risks with Insurance

    Regardless of where you live and how careful you aim to be, risk will always be a part of life. This is the case both physically and financially. When accidents occur, they often...

    Safe Money Places; Keeping Your Money Safe, Places Where Your Money Can Grow and be Protected

    Nobody likes to lose money, but unfortunately, when it comes to large financial gains, many advisors will tell you, "no risk, no reward." So while the stock amrket can offer you the opportunity...

    Create a Retirement Income You Can Count On For Life – Without An Employer Pension Plan

    When you imagine your retirement, what do you see? If you're like most people, the scene might include relaxing on a warm, sunny beach, spending endless days on the golf course, or enjoying...

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