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Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies

Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance contracts can give your loved ones a death benefit while also assisting you in accumulating money. Because this sort of insurance is permanent, it lasts the entirety of your life and accrues monetary value. Contrary to other universal plans that solely allow for cash value increase through non-equity earning rates, an IUL policy permits some cash value growth through an equity index account. As is the case with all universal life insurance plans, after you’ve amassed enough cash value, you can utilize it to either partially or completely pay your premiums while maintaining the same death benefit. 

How Does an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Work?  In terms of how it builds cash value, indexed universal life insurance functions similarly to universal life insurance as a sort of permanent life insurance. In contrast to just using non-equity earning rates, IUL cash value growth is possible based on a stock index, which is a predetermined collection of different equities. Indexed universal life insurance, like universal life insurance, allows you to modify your premium as your cash value increases, giving you the option of ultimately switching to a zero-cost policy where your accumulated cash value pays for all premiums.  IUL insurance is frequently promoted as a cash-value insurance policy that enjoys tax-free market gains without the danger of losing money in a down market.  As long as premiums are paid, you have perpetual coverage when you buy an IUL insurance policy. When you pass away, your named beneficiary or beneficiaries will receive the death benefit that is included in your policy. However, the policy’s cash value component might also see an increase in value over the course of your lifetime.  Depending on the performance of an underlying stock market index, interest is generated on the cash value portion of your insurance. Returns may, for example, be tied to Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 composite price index, which tracks the market activity of the 500 largest U.S. firms based on market capitalization. Your insurance’s cash value portion’s rate of return varies in step with changes in the index. There can be a minimum guaranteed rate of return provided by the insurance company that offers the policy. Returns may also be subject to a ceiling or rate cap.  Compared to fixed universal life insurance, which provides a guaranteed rate of return, IUL insurance is riskier. However, it is less dangerous than variable universal life insurance, which enables you to invest money directly in products like mutual funds.  Should You Get Indexed Universal Life Insurance?  Remember that IUL plans are more expensive than other forms of life insurance due to increased premium expenses and associated surcharges. If you’re thinking about purchasing indexed universal life insurance, you should first see a financial counselor who can explain the specifics and offer you a realistic assessment of the IUL policy’s potential. Make sure you comprehend the insurer’s methodology for determining your interest rate, earnings cap, and any potential surcharges.  Bottom Line  IUL insurance can help you meet the financial security demands of your family while also generating monetary value. However, these plans can be more complicated than other types of life insurance, and they aren’t necessarily suitable for every investor. Speaking with a knowledgeable life insurance agent or broker can help you determine whether indexed universal life insurance is right for you. 
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