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Ways To Make Extra Money During Retirement

A poll conducted by researchers found that more than one-quarter of retirees are spending more than they can afford. Unsurprisingly, people’s savings don’t stretch as far as they used to, given that inflation was 7.1% in November. 

However, there are options for supplementing income that don’t mean working a full-time job. The extra money from jobs that retirees may do in their spare time, such as teaching, pet sitting, and tax preparation, can make a huge impact. Have a look at these suggestions.

Babysitting and Exercising Pets

Caretaking for other people’s pets may be a successful and versatile side business, provided you have a fenced-in yard and the necessary skills. E-learning platform Preply evaluated data on average hourly wages to determine that dog walking is the highest-paying side hustle.

The health benefits of owning a dog as a friend are numerous. Therefore, pet sitting is an excellent alternative to dog ownership due to its lower financial commitment.


Online education and tutoring growth have been a silver lining to the pandemic. You may shop at one of the many online education marketplaces, such as Preply or Udemy. Make time in your schedule during the week to help students online.

If you have the qualifications, you could design a course at the university level and teach it as a part-time professor. As a veteran, you could launch a teaching business, spending five to ten hours weekly on homework and other course-related activities when the class is available.


Retirees frequently possess decades’ worth of expertise that they can’t find elsewhere. Project work may keep you active on your terms.

Consulting is a fantastic opportunity to keep current in one’s area and provide views and advice without returning to the office full-time. The service options are via a firm or through your side hustle business.

Helping Those in Need within the Community

Depending on where you currently reside, you can find various part-time jobs through your local government. For example, if your local school needs substitute instructors sometimes (or frequently, during flu season!), you may volunteer your services.

Many K-12 institutions use the abilities of retirees to educate young people. The necessity for crossing guards, assistant coaches, and recess monitors are only a few examples of what to do. Get in touch with the school district where you live to find out if any substitute teaching positions are open.

Having Company Over

Do you have much spare space and a location likely to see a high volume of guests?

Rather than letting your newly refurbished basement or extra room sit empty, begin your own Airbnb business. You get to choose your optimal availability to avoid having people show up at inconvenient times. If you plan on spending the winter (or summer) away from home, consider hiring a property manager to rent your home.


Can you help file taxes? Assisting people in filing their taxes is an excellent way to make some money at the beginning of the year and then relax for the rest of the year. 

Anyone with prior tax knowledge will benefit significantly from this opportunity. However, those without can still take advantage of it by enrolling in a tax preparation school and applying to larger businesses.

If you have a background in finance or accounting, you’ll find the same to be valid with bookkeeping. You can get contract employment using your prior experience in finance or by completing an accounting course.

The best way to increase your chances of getting hired for a second job is to increase your marketability by improving your current abilities, such as completing a certification exam or enrolling in further training.

We suggest that you investigate these options. It would help if you had experience in such areas or got little training to make extra money during retirement.

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