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Is It Easy to Succeed in Keeping Your Money in a Better Way Than the Government? Or Can Fixed Annuities Compete with Social Security?

Letting you know about some information mentioned in a Naples newspaper confuses the analysis: According to trustees, Social Security will run out of money by 2041. Lawrence M. O’Rourke, via SHNS, published March 24, 2005.
However, the newspaper advised and stated that the political battle over Social Security became much more urgent on Wednesday when the retirement system’s trustees revealed that it would begin to lose money in 2017, a year earlier than anticipated. According to the trustees’ financial statement, which contributed new information to the already heated discussion, the social protection or security will move out of excess money from its trustee by the year 2041, which is once annually, sooner than expected.  Without the White House-Congressional agreement that might need significant modifications to retirement programs, the directors predicted that by 2041 Social Security would only be capable of paying 74 cents for each dollar of potential advantages. I’ll discuss some potential solutions to fix the issues. The question arises about where you will be in 2014 and if you are older than 25 now and have no plans for retirement.  Guarantees Government assurances have always been the primary justification for Social Security. The authority has promised to pay you even if the money isn’t there. What happens if they decide to reconsider? Is there a different technique to ensure your pension savings will be there when you need them? The answer is yes. For decades, insurance companies have been responsible for retirees’ questions, such as:

  • How can they assist us in saving money?
  • How will they provide us with retirement income?
  • The answer is that an annuity is a contract the insurance sector offers.

People also ask,

  • What are the reasons to buy an annuity?

Various motivating factors are:

  • Having a secure holding place to save money
  • Profit development that is free from tax

Should you consider purchasing an annuity and learning more about it? Are you interested? If you are, an annuity of a fixed type can be a perfect choice.  Do you currently have $45,000 or $55,000 to invest in the money market? Are your retirement funds sufficient to support a good quality of life if Social Security isn’t there to help? Do you appreciate the thought of having a guaranteed source of income for the rest of your life? To help you maximize your funds and guarantee a revenue that lasts, fixed annuities syndicate tax-deferral with assurances of the capital and revenue. The essential part of an annuity is to grant a lifetime payment for and support you financially should be clearer after reading the following questions and answers. What does tax deferral imply for me?  As long as the interest is included in the contract, you don’t have to pay the interest rate applied as a tax on your annuity. Tax revenue that would have otherwise gone to the government is now working for you. As a consequence, your money grows significantly more quickly.  You should base your choice on three primary considerations: Whether you need money simply for yourself or someone else, how much of the income must you need as an income or payment?  Your financial capacity to pay. An (FPDA) requires an early top sum to pay. Still, it allows you to contribute to your account anytime; (SPDA) requires a single premium payment. Get advice from a financial advisor on how much money to put away and what kind of annuity would best serve your needs. What will my premium be used for by the insurance company? The business makes investments using the money in its portfolio of investments and adds interest to your account. Understanding how your annuity provider handles its assets throughout this accumulation period is crucial.  What distinguishes annuities from other savings and investing plans? Many other investments cannot provide tax-deferred income growth, but an annuity can. An annuity may also offer income assurance. Another benefit is that your money is protected.
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Kathy Hollingsworth – Federal Employee Benefits Specialist Originally from Birmingham, Kathy received her advanced education at Birmingham-Southern College. Kathy’s professional career began with 30 years in the media industry (radio and television), but will end serving senior citizens. As director of a senior center for five-and a half years at the largest senior center in central Alabama, Kathy has devoted her life to meeting the needs of senior citizens. Due to continuing education and working with companies that specialize in finding the best financial products, Kathy stands ready to help her clients find solutions to the problems that arise while in retirement and planning for retirement retirement. For the last eighteen years, Kathy, a Federal Employee Benefits Specialist, has assisted in helping federal employees make wise, frugal retirement decisions. Kathy also became a Registered Rep in 2018 (CRD 6832692) and an Investment Advisor Representative (Fiduciary) in 2021. In addition, Kathy is a licensed mortgage originator (License #212553), specializing in VA, FHA and Conventional mortgage loans. Kathy has written many articles for the Montgomery Area Council on Aging, Montgomery Advertiser, and Alabama Gerontological Society on the subject of seniors. Kathy was the keynote speaker at Alabama’s State Capitol in Montgomery for the State Combined Campaign Salute to Seniors in 2005. Kathy also writes articles on Federal Benefits and Insurance subjects. A Certificate of Recognition was awarded to Kathy in 2005 by Governor Bob Riley for her service to state, family and community. Every free moment Kathy gets is spent with her grandson Konner and two dogs, Sallie, and Sassy.

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